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In this research, we propose, ThermoPainter or ThermoTablet, a thermal vision based area input tablet using temperature. We apply a thermal vision to the proposed system. ThermoPainter can detect temperature change regions on a sensing surface as touch regions when objects hotter or colder than the surface touch it. In the system, users can use a physical paintbrush with hot water and an airbrush with cold water in spite of paint as they use in the real world, and even use their own fingers, hands, and breaths directly because of their own body heat. Therefore, artists who are not familiar to conventional data tablets become to use computer to expand their graphical art works because they can use their own painting tools directly in the system. This system also can detect input object's temperature information. In ThermoWatercolor, Temperature variation controls transparency of virtual watercolor. We also introduce how to involve the heat sensation in image creation on ThermoPainter. Image modification application aims an intuitive user interface for color saturation modification, hue modification, distortion modification and viscosity controls which are strongly related to heat sensations.


  • Daisuke Iwai and Kosuke Sato, "Heat Sensation in Image Creation with Thermal Vision", ACM SIGCHI International Conference on Advances in Computer Entertainment Technology (ACE2005), pp.213-216, Jun. 2005.

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