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Synthetic Aperture ProCams for Shadow Removal

This paper presents a shadow removal technique for a multiple overlapping projection system. In particular, this paper deals with situations where cameras cannot be placed between the occluder and projection surface. We apply a synthetic aperture capturing technique to estimate the appearance of the projection surface, and a visual hull reconstruction technique to measure the shape of the occluder. Once the shape is acquired, shadow regions on the surface can be estimated. The proposed shadow removal technique allows users to balance between the following two criteria: the likelihood of new shadow emergence and the spatial resolution of the projected results. Through a real projection experiment, we evaluate the proposed shadow removal technique.

ProCams: Projector-Camera Systems

Process flow
Projected results without shadow removal/td>
Shadow removal results


  • Daisuke Iwai, Momoyo Nagase, and Kosuke Sato, "Shadow Removal of Projected Imagery by Occluder Shape Measurement in a Multiple Overlapping Projection System," Virtual Reality, Vol. 18, No. 4, pp. 245-254, 2014.