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Stereoscopic Capture in Projection Mapping

This paper describes an investigation conducted to evaluate whether projection mapping causes stereoscopic capture, by which human observers perceive a physical surface as deformed according to a projected virtual surface. We developed a stereoscopic projection mapping method to overlay a 3D virtual surface onto a physical surface. Through a psychophysical experiment, we found that stereoscopic projection mapping caused stereoscopic capture with several surface materials. To allow observers to perceive stereoscopic capture on unsuitable surface materials, we propose to add salient features on projected images to draw observer focus to them rather than physical textures. The results of another psychophysical experiment demonstrate that the proposed method works effectively.


  • Nagisa Okutani, Takuro Takezawa, Daisuke Iwai, and Kosuke Sato, "Stereoscopic Capture in Projection Mapping," IEEE Access, Vol. 6, pp. 65894-65900, 2018. [Open access]