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3D High Dynamic Range Display System

This paper presents a novel high dynamic range (HDR) display system which enables realizing a physical 3D HDR representation without the use of any stereoscopic methods. We employ multi-projection system to superimpose images onto a textured solid hardcopy which is output by a 3D printer or rapid prototyping machine, to boost contrast beyond the capability of either hardcopies or projectors alone. We propose two fundamental techniques required for our 3D HDR display. The first technique computes an optimal placement of projectors so that the projected images must cover the hardcopy's entire surface while maximizing the image quality. The second technique enables a user to place the projectors near the computed optimal position by projecting visual guide from each projector. Through proof-of-concept experiments, we were able to modulate luminance and chrominance with a registration error of less than 3 mm. We achieved a physical contrast ratio of around 5,000:1, while in the case of the 3D print-out, when viewed under environmental light, it was 5:1, and in the case of the projectors, when the image was projected onto regular screens, it was 1,000:1.


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